Spring 2021 Season: Cancelled

Dates: N/A


Section I - Membership

Membership in the Texas Collegiate Soccer League (TCSL) is restricted to accredited colleges and universities, and may be revised on a yearly basis based on compliance with TCSL policies/payment, and space availability.


Section II - Affiliation

The TCSL is affiliated with NIRSA. In accordance with the by-laws of the "The Series", membership in the TCSL is restricted to two or four-year degree-granting colleges and universities.


Section III - Annual Dues

The spring league fee for membership in the TCSL is $150.00.  These fees will cover the partial costs of the annual end-of-season tournament and administrative overhead. Any outstanding balances from the previous season that are left unpaid by a team will be added to the following year's dues before a team is considered paid for that season. These balances may include, but are not limited to, any outstanding officiating costs for neutral site games or forfeits. 


Section IV - Schedules

By accepting membership in the TCSL, each member school agrees to participate in all league matches, as scheduled and certified by the Commissioner. Changes to the TCSL schedule may be made, with the consent of all affected schools, and the conference Commissioner. Failure to satisfy league game commitments may result in the levying of fines and suspension of membership for the team at fault.


Section V – Neutral Site

The host team of a neutral site contest is responsible for scheduling all game officials, scheduling fields, setting game times, and providing accommodation information. The officials' fees for all neutral site games will be split 50/50. The host team is responsible for collecting official's fees and field costs (if any) in a timely manner. If a match between two non-host teams is not played because of failure of the host team to meet its responsibilities for scheduling a match or provision of game officials, the host team will be placed on probation and will not be allowed to host any conference games for the following season. In the case of a match being canceled because of the failure of a host team to meet its responsibilities or because of inclement weather, the match will be recorded as a 0-0 tie.


Section VI- Player Eligibility

Player eligibility shall be in full accordance with NIRSA Championship Series, outlined HERE. If a school/university has 2 teams participating in the TCSL, they may switch players from team to team throughout the season due to injuries or conflicts so long as they are in full accordance with NIRSA Championship Series for each game.

Section VII- Uniforms

For all league matches, each team shall wear uniforms of matching color, design, and pattern. All jerseys (except those of goalkeepers) must be clearly and uniquely numbered on the back with numbers at least six inches in height. The color and length of each player's shorts and socks must be consistent with his teammates, and all players must wear shin guards. When the uniforms of both teams are similar, the home team shall be required to change. Failure to comply with the league uniform policy may result in disciplinary action against the teams in violation. Each team attending a game should have one set of light and dark jerseys (numbered, t-shirt jerseys are acceptable).


Section VIII - Ejections

If an individual player is ejected from a league game then that player will be suspended from the next league game. If an individual player received three (3) ejections during one season, he will be suspended from league play for the remainder of the season. Two (2) yellow cards issued during one contest shall be equated as a red card disqualification and also result in a subsequent game suspension. Additional disciplinary action may result if a team persists in misconduct. This is a self-policing policy reported to the league commissioner.

Section IX - Forfeitures

A penalty for the forfeit by a team will be loss of their forfeit deposit and a verbal warning from the League Commissioner. A second forfeit by the team may result in suspension from the TCSL for the remainder of the season. This decision is at the discretion of the Commissioner. Any game played by a team which is later suspended will not count in the calculation of the final standings. Matches will be recorded as a 1-0 Forfeit (F) in the standings. If the visiting team forfeits by not showing for a scheduled game, any officiating costs that are incurred for that game will be the responsibility of the visiting team and must be reimbursed to the home team. 


Section X - Game Results and Standings

Each team will be responsible for reporting their game scores and player red cards no later than Monday at 12 pm for all games played the weekend prior (Friday-Sunday). The game results should be reported via email to each team's conference commissioner located on the Score Report section of the TCSL website. If games are played during the week, game results should be reported within 48 hours of the conclusion of the game.

Standings in the conference will be determined on a point basis for conference games. A win will count as three points,a tie as one, and zero for a loss. A tie in the conference standings will be resolved according to the following sequence:


  1. "Head to Head" result

  2. Overall Goal Differential (max +/- 3 points per game) in conference games

  3. Total Goals Allowed in conference games 

  4. Total Shutouts recorded in conference games 

  5. Total Number of Score Reports being Submitted Late

  6. Date League Dues were paid

    **In the event a game is cancelled mid-game due to weather, it will be considered played once half time has occurred.**

Section XI - Officials

It is the expectation that all TCSL spring teams that host competitions secure three Intramural-level officials at minimum.

Section XII - Field Dimensions

All TCSL competitions are to take place on a field with a width between 70-80 yards and a length of 110-120 yards.  It is also expected that lines be either white or yellow if possible.

Section XIII - Expansion

Expansion of the league will be subject to the TCSL Commissioner. Expansion teams will be subject to the following guidelines:


  1. A one year probationary period where the following will be considered to be inducted into the league:

    • Team Conduct

    • Participation

    • Maintaining League Responsibilities

  2. The forfeit of one or more league games during a probationary period will be grounds for removal from the league, at the discretion of the Commissioner.


Section XIV - Postseason Play

The spring league will commence with a season tournament matching the winners of each conference.


A tie in the regular season final standings will be resolved according to the following sequence:


  1. "Head to Head" result

  2. Overall Goal Differential (max +/- 3 points per game)

  3. Total Goals Allowed

  4. Total Shutouts recorded

  5. Total Number of Score Reports being Submitted Late

  6. Date League Dues were paid

       *Only one men's and one women's team from a college/university may be invited to any single division. If more than one      college/university's team qualifies for the tournament the vacated position held by that college/university's "second" team will be filled along with all the remaining teams for the tournament: by the regional rankings, conference records and non-conference opponents. 


Section XV - Commissioner's Statement

In the event a circumstance of significance to the conference arises that is not covered in the League Policies, the Commissioner is empowered to use his discretion to resolve the matter in the best interest of the TCSL.

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